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Cider in the land of Loyola

Get to know the Shrin of Loyola, known as the "Little Vatican", an example of Roman Baroque architecture and delve into the unique history of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the impressive architectural and sculptural work built in his honor. Add to this colossal visit a meal with the typical cider house menu with the [...]

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Locomotora a vapor

Cider with vapor train

Learn about the history of old trains on one of the largest and best-preserved train collections in Europe and get on an old steam locomotive on a journey down the long-awaited Urola train tracks. The steam smoke will be fused with the cider house grill, where a typical menu awaits you with the authentic Basque [...]

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full packБаскская пелота of basque pelota

Play Basque Pelota. Jorge Oteiza and his courts.

This visit to Azkoitia, cradle of great champions of Basque pelota (especially by hand) will be of great interest to you. If you are struck by the importance and tradition that the culture of the Basque pelota game has acquired, or you are simply interested in knowing the history and how it is played, prepare [...]

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Biarritz and San Jean de Luz

Basque Coast. Half day

We will visit the coast of the Basque area of France (Iparralde) visiting two touristic references in the area, but not exempt from interesting stories. Biarritz is a Spa city of the Belle Epoque and surf capital since 1950. We will walk through one of those villas that fit all kinds of lives. Our local [...]

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По маршруту трех храмов

Three Temples Way


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преследуемые пещеры

Movie sets: Witches and Basque Mythology. Baztan

Movie shooting sets are not usually chosen at random. They have a reason, and, of course, if there is a place in the Basque Country that breathes history, tradition, mythology, stories of witches, covens ... that is the Baztan Valley. A valley nestled in the mountains of the Navarrese Pyrenees, full of picturesque towns and [...]

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San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Movie sets: Game of Thrones in the Basque Country

Learn about the importance of Flysch within an UNESCO World Geopark. Spectacular geological formations, which beause of their particular arrangement, vertically, and their great extension of more than 13 km, make this great book open to the history of geology  a propitious setting to film the successful serial Game of Thrones. More specifically, the scene [...]

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