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Play Basque Pelota. Jorge Oteiza and his courts.

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This visit to Azkoitia, cradle of great champions of Basque pelota (especially by hand) will be of great interest to you. If you are struck by the importance and tradition that the culture of the Basque pelota game has acquired, or you are simply interested in knowing the history and how it is played, prepare yourself for a special visit that will make you involved in the game, between great champions.

We will show you the places where people have played and nowadays still continue playing by hand, some as curious and important as is the “Kontzejupe”, in the arcade of the City Hall, culminating with the jewel in the crown that are the courts of Jorge Oteiza. This is an artistic urban space that consists of 7 courts that represent the different modalities of the ball game  joined with the different Basque provinces. An urban space that perfectly combines sport and art and that is inspired in an evident way in the ideas of Oteiza.

To culminate with the visit, you will be able to experiment with a former professional handball the ins and outs of the ball by hand and you will have the option of trying to hit the ball and challenge the teammates.

Price without transport:

€ 180 Total price (VAT included)

+€ 35 pax with traditional basque full meal in a special place hidden in the mountains.

Price with private transport:

€305 Total price (VAT included) up to 3 people

€380 Total price (VAT included) for 4 to 6 people

+ 35€ with traditional basque full meal in a special place hidden in the mountains


  • Bookings at least 24 hour in advance
  • Departure from anywhere in Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia regions
  • Available From tuesdays to Saturdays (depending on the availability)
  • Mínimum 2 people. Máximum 6 people.
  • Kids untill 11 years old FREE(two for service, the food apart)
  • All travelers are covered by Compulsory Passenger Insurance.