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Movie sets: Witches and Basque Mythology. Baztan

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Movie shooting sets are not usually chosen at random. They have a reason, and, of course, if there is a place in the Basque Country that breathes history, tradition, mythology, stories of witches, covens … that is the Baztan Valley. A valley nestled in the mountains of the Navarrese Pyrenees, full of picturesque towns and deeply rooted in culture and tradition that have made writers and filmmakers decide to set their stories in this area. If you want to know about mythology and ancient Basque traditions, the place to visit is Elizondo, where the plot of one of the greatest literary successes of recent years is centered: The Baztan Trilogy.

And from mythology, we turn to the terrible stories of alleged witches who celebrated covens in the Zugarramurdi Caves and who were burned by the inquisition. Without a doubt, another special place to shoot about witches. This was done by Alex de la Iglesia in the movie Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi.

Tour these film locations remembering some passages from these films with a local guide exclusively.

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260€ Total price without transport (Cave and witches museum entrance + VAT include)

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